pandora basketball charm

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pandora basketball charm

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You can choose to either stain the wood to any type of finish that appeals to you and simply leave it this way or you can add decorative touches; such as hand painted designs to make it unique and one of a kind.What Types of Wood Are Used In Bangle BraceletsAny type of wood can be used to make a bangle bracelet, the choice can actually be dictated according to your personal preference, but some of the more popular woods are the ones authentic pandora charms from India because of their rich grain patterns which enhance the beauty of the piece.

Once you have your bangle form then you re ready to decorate it according to your tastes and specifications. Some people choose to simply stain the bracelet and leave it simple while others want to put their own unique touches to it. If you decide to paint your own designs on the bracelet it is best done on the raw unfinished wood, but if you should use the prefabricated ones then take some fine sandpaper and sand the clear varnish from the bracelet so that the acrylic paint you use for your designs adheres much better.

It is better designed to fit quite snugly on your wrist. All we need is a pair of pliers and jump rings. The jump rings I have used are ID (internal diameter) 4.1mm using 1.02 mm wire.Initially make a small chain to use as a starting black pandora charms point.? On the last chain attach one open jump ring and put two closed jump rings through this and close.? Part the two closed jump rings to make a triangle.

Next add another open jump ring connecting the two closed jump rings. The new ring needs to go through the ring on the right hand side from the front, round the back and through the closed ring on the left hand side??????? ????????????I have used a copper ring in the middle as it is easier to see how the weave develops.Continue Bild with the weave until you have achieved the correct length.